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Who Else Wants A Constant Reliable Stream Of New Patients Flowing Through The Door Demanding Your Services?

Have you ever wondered why some surgery's seem to have endless gobs of new patients banging down the door, even though the rest of the world seems to be going through one of the worst financial crises of our time?

Do you wonder how they seem to gain new patients like magic without running a single ad in the local newspaper or on the local radio station?

Would You Like To Be One Of Those Other Surgery's In The Same Situation, In A Position To Turn Away Perfectly Good Patients Because You're Too Busy To Deal With Them?

Let me explain, you may be an amazing doctor, you may really care for your patients like no other doctor, but if you're not attracting new patients, if you're not marketing your business then you can quickly go out of business.

That's exactly why we started Find My Doc, we wanted to allow sick patients Australia wide to log on and find a reputable, respectable and experienced doctor local to them.

We wanted to allow you to spend more time looking after patients and less time worrying about getting new patients. This way you can do "what you're good at" and we can do "what we're good at".

Find My Doc was founded by a group of experienced marketers, people who really know how to get your phone ringing…

…But in today's new technological world it's not about ringing phones any more it's about email boxes filling with emails.

So adapting to this "New Age" marketing we built a site which is Search Engine Friendly, Visually Engaging and Socially connected.

Essentially the whole purpose of our site is to take the hard work out of marketing, to let us, the experts focus on generating the leads, why you focus on getting your patients healthy.

To do that, we've developed a very easy way for your potential patients to search your availabilities and instantly make an appointment online.

They no longer need to wait on hold while your assistants check your bookings, no longer do they need to call and call to find an appointment.

Your patients just job on the web, head to find my doc and make the appointment online. It's seamless, it's hassle free and it's exactly what they want!

In fact you may find that our booking service is so simple and easy to use, your assistant will worry about being replaced completely!

Here's Exactly How Find My Doc Can Help Your Practice

Drive Targeted Customers To Your Appointment Diary And Let Them Search And Book Online

Fill Appointment Vacancies And Last Minute Bookings With Connected Patients

Reduce No Shows By Giving Patients Full Access To Appointment Times That Suit Their Diary

Cast A Wider Marketing Net And Gain New Patients For Your Practice

Capture The Patients Who Are Searching For You NOW And Need You The Most

THE BEST PART: You can do all of this without your own website, your own hosting costs, your own developers, simply register with Find My Doc today and let us do the hard work for you!



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