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Advertising Terms and Conditions

Advertising Terms and Conditions

Advertisers agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions set out on the website terms and conditions verbally agreed to and the additional terms and conditions which follow. The terms which apply to your Contract are detailed in:

•  The contract which has been agreed to by you and Find My Dr. Pty Ltd, Trading as,

•  The website standard terms located at

•  All relevant laws and rules in place applicable to the service which you provide.

•  Any equivalent document issued by Find My Dr. Pty Ltd which includes further Terms and Conditions or supersedes previous Terms and Conditions.

•  These terms and conditions can be changed by Find My Dr. Pty Ltd at its own discretion at any time without giving prior notice.


Advertising Contract Terms

•  The contract begins on the date that the submitted application is approved by an authorised person at Find My Dr. Pty Ltd.

•  The length of the contract will be dictated by the details set out in the conditions attached to the relevant form.

Contract revisions

•  Find My Dr. Pty Ltd is able to revise the Advertising terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion.

•  Any changes will be effective immediately as they are made available on the website.

•  Regularly check the Terms and Conditions so that you are aware of any changes made.

•  Use of Find My Dr. Pty Ltd indicates acceptance of the latest available Terms and Conditions.

Termination of Contracts

•  The contract can be terminated at the discretion of Find My Dr. Pty Ltd in any of the following ways:

•  When the Advertiser and Find My Dr. Pty Ltd have agreed to the termination in writing

•  If one (1) month notice of termination is provided in writing from Find My Dr. Pty Ltd or the Advertiser

Termination can be provided without prior notice by Find My Dr. Pty Ltd if:

• The Advertiser declares bankruptcy or insolvency

•  If there are insufficient funds within the Advertisers bank account or credit card account outstanding charges will be due immediately.

•  If fees are left unpaid, Find My Dr. Pty Ltd will undertake any necessary action in order to recuperate charges and fees which have not been paid. If fee recovery is required, all necessary costs including but not limited to solicitor’s fees, debt collection and out of pocket expense will be the responsibility of the liable debtor.

•  If, at any time, the Advertiser does not meet the payment terms of Find My Dr. Pty Ltd and is passed on for collection Find My Dr. Pty Ltd may place a default against the Advertiser with a credit reporting agency.

Advertiser Cancellation

•  If the Advertiser chooses to terminate their contract before the period of the term has expired then the Advertiser must comply with the following:

•  Provide four (4) weeks’ written notice by email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it during business hours; Monday to Friday (9am-5pm), excluding public holidays. The cancellation must be confirmed by an authorised party at Find My Dr. Pty Ltd.

•  Cancellation of a request for a Classified Listing and/or Banner Advertisement before the conclusion of the contract agreement will result in the cancellation fee equivalent to $200 ex GST.

Advertising Terms and Conditions

Content Provided by Advertisers

•  Find My Dr. Pty Ltd is not responsible for any material provided by the Advertiser

•  It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to provide all relevant material for the website and ensuring that it complies with any specific requirements that have been set out.

•  Find My Dr. Pty Ltd is able to remove, alter, or decline to publish any material without informing the Advertiser.

•  Find My Dr. Pty Ltd reserves the right to exclude any doctor or business listing from the directory at any time without informing the business.

•  Advertisers acknowledge that Find My Dr. Pty Ltd may provide the directory of business listings to other commercial organisations, the reasons for this may include the publication of the listings on another website and/or print media.

•  Whether the business listing is made available on another website will not affect the rights granted under the contract.

•  Find My Dr. Pty Ltd is not liable for any damage or loss caused by the publication or withdrawal of the business listing on another party’s website.

•  Statistics pertaining to visitor’s website use provided to Advertisers by Find My Dr. Pty Ltd will be as accurate as is deemed possible by Find My Dr. Pty Ltd but the accuracy of said statistics is not guaranteed.

•  Find My Dr. Pty Ltd is not responsible for any damage cause or loss incurred as a result of decisions made based upon any statistics provided by Find My Dr. Pty Ltd.

Applicable Fees


•  Once an application for listing or Advertising with Find My Dr. Pty Ltd has been approved the Advertiser will be provided with a tax invoice, Payment is required within five business days. All fees must be paid by the Advertiser as is set out in the agreed upon contract

•  Find My Dr. Pty Ltd can change the pricing of products and services at any time with one week notice provided to the Advertiser.

•  The payment method set out in the invoice will be agreed to by the Advertiser, if this is not the case, the Advertiser must notify Find My Dr. Pty Ltd within one business day.

•  Payments are invoiced excluding GST. Advertisers must pay the GST at the rate of 10% on top of invoiced charges. If the GST rate changes, Advertisers will adjust payments accordingly, effective immediately.

•  If Advertiser payment is unsuccessful due to factors including but not exclusive to insufficient funds available on a credit card or bank account or exceeding the payment terms agreed to in the contract, any associated costs are the responsibility of the Advertiser and the Advertiser must reimburse Find My
Dr. Pty Ltd for all incurred costs.

•  For Advertisers applying for a credit account the payment terms will be 28 days from the issuing of the invoice unless otherwise specified.

•  If any of the above conditions are not adhere to then Find My Dr. Pty Ltd reserves the right to remove any material from its website without giving notice.

Indemnity and Liability

•  If Find My Dr. Pty Ltd is the cause of error in, or the omission of, the Advertiser’s material and the Advertiser incurs a loss as a result then the maximum liability of Find My Dr. Pty Ltd to the Advertiser will be a refund of fees calculated pro rata for the period during which the error was present.

•  The Advertiser fully indemnifies Find My Dr. Pty Ltd against any claim by any third party resulting from the use, transfer or operation of data or money to and from Find My Dr. Pty Ltd by the Advertiser

•  The Advertiser agrees to fully indemnify Find My Dr. Pty Ltd and its agents against all claims or other form of liability arising entirely or partially from the publication of material supplied from the Advertiser

•  The Advertiser may not transfer or assign its obligations under any agreement with Find My Dr. Pty Ltd unless written consent has been obtained prior.

Advertising Terms and Conditions

Intellectual Property

•  All intellectual property including material on the website belongs to Find My Dr. Pty Ltd or its Advertisers unless otherwise stated.

•  Content including, but not limited to, map services and map data is copyright of the mapping provider and the mapping provider’s full terms of service and use are to be adhered to by any user or Advertiser on Find My Dr. Pty Ltd and Find My Dr. Pty Ltd is in no way liable for any actions by users or Advertisers
as a result of failure to conform to these conditions.


Find My Dr. Pty Ltd may collect use and disclose any personal information required by law or as set out in its Privacy Policy which is available on request.
Find My Dr. Pty Ltd collects your personal details to aid in the offering of the Find My Dr. Pty Ltd website and  the services you have requested, to process contact enquiries and competition entries and to provide data on overall system usage for service improvements. We may share your services with other entities who may assist in providing our services or where you have opted to receive information from third parties

Miscellaneous Notices

Advertisers acknowledge that all correspondence regarding the website, either conducted online or offline, are made and concluded in Victoria. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the state of Victoria, Australia and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts there.
Severability of clauses: If any part of these conditions are found to be unenforceable the remainder will still apply, Any notice served to Find My Dr. Pty Ltd must be done personally by post.